Friday, May 2, 2014

"Cancer Free"!! (2014-05-02)

This post is almost 2 years late, but on 2/23/2012, I went to MD Anderson for my liver cancer checkup. As before, I had a CT-scan, chest x-ray, and blood work. This was a follow-up from two checkups from the prior year (2011). In those two previous checkups, doctors had noted (2) small focus/images on some slides in the CT-scan. But in their opinion at the time, these did not appear to have any characteristics of being a cancer. They thought they were a benign vascular malformation or FNH (i.e. not cancerous).

On 2/24/2012, I saw my surgeon to review the test results from the previous day. I was kind of anxious and nervous waiting to hear the results. But my surgeon had fantastic news! This time on my CT-scan, the earlier (2) suspicious images completely disappeared!! And there were no signs of any metastatic cancer.

But then my surgeon told me the words I had been waiting 8 years to hear. He declared me cured from cancer – I was "cancer free"!! And further, I would not have to come back for any future cancer checkups. I was overwhelmed with the news, and all I could do was thank God for all He had done and for being with me during my cancer journey! 

As I reflect today (this being 2 years since my "cancer free" news), I know that even though I have beaten cancer, my journey is not over. Once one is diagnosed with cancer, you become a survivor for life. And as I look back now in 2014, it being 10 years since I started my cancer journey, I know this has made me a better person, both spiritually and in my outlook on life. As I continue my journey, my desire is to offer help, support, hope, and prayers for anyone going through cancer. And I plan to do that until the day the Lord decides it's time for me to leave this earth and be with Him!

Thank you all for your past thoughts and prayers, and God's blessings to everyone!!